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Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo expressed his great happiness to return to Manchester United, in the last moments, before the summer transfer window closed after he decided to end his journey with Italian Juventus, which was crowned with many achievements, by winning 5 titles inside the castle "Torino", before leaving after 3 seasons, for not reaching the dream he is looking for, which is to win the Champions League title, which he wants to win from within Old Trafford.

Cristiano Ronaldo sends a message to Manchester United after the official announcement

Cristiano Ronaldo did not stop flirting with Manchester United from the first minute of his arrival at Old Trafford, expressing his great happiness to be among the ranks of the club that witnessed the launch of his legend: “Everyone who knows me knows very well how much I love this English club, with which I spent many years and cut Together, a path written in golden letters in the history of this great club, I cannot explain how happy I am and the truth of my feelings at the present time after returning and announcing this all over the world.”

Cristiano Ronaldo's message to Sir Alex Ferguson

The Portuguese Don, Cristiano Ronaldo, confirmed that his dream of returning to Manchester United has become a reality at the present time, after all these years in which he stood as an opponent against the English team, and despite that, he did not lose the support, love, and respect from the team’s fans: “This place witnessed all my dreams and the first My achievements, accompanied by the first local league, the first cup, the first call-up to the national team, the first European Champions League, and the first golden boot.”

He concluded: "All these dreams were born thanks to the good relationship that I have with the Red Devils. History wrote the achievements in the past and history will go back to writing the achievements again. I promise the fans that, I am here, I am back to where I belong, to make it happen again... Sir Alex, This is for you".

I'm back where I belong The first comment from

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