Speechelo is a cloud-based text-to-speech software that enables you to convert your text texts into human-like audio clips.

Unlike other TTS software, Speechelo does not need to be installed on your computer. You can access it from its official website and use it anywhere and anytime.

Being a digital marketer, I was introduced to this software through one of my clients. At the time, I was paying hundreds of dollars for voiceover artists, so I decided to pull out my card and pay $47 to try it out. I used this link to buy from their official website.

After testing it for a month, I'm back to share my Speechelo review.

In this review, I will cover all of its features, pricing, discounts, and bonuses and tell you how you can get free samples to test before purchasing the software.

Without further ado, let's start this review.

Speechelo review and everything you need to know

Artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies are replacing the need to hire professionals; The day is not far away when we rely solely on technology.

This artificial intelligence technology is also the basis of text-to-speech software.

The demand for content creation to monetize has increased at a rapid rate in recent years. Many software developers have introduced and developed TTS software.

Previously, online marketers used Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet to convert their texts to speech and use them in videos, intros, advertisements, etc.

However, these services have not been popular in internet marketing because they appear to be very automated.

With the development of artificial intelligence, many software developers have reprogrammed text-to-speech programs and made it possible for users to humanize audio content. Additionally, many developers have introduced translation techniques that allow users to translate their content as well.

There are many text-to-speech programs available online, both paid and free. The real challenge is to find a TTS with an easy-to-use interface and a lot of other customizations as well.

Introducing Speechelo Text-to-Speech:

Speechelo is one of the most popular text-to-speech programs in the Blaster Suite. Produces human-like sounds that you can use in your videos.

Speechelo has an easy-to-use interface, and all you have to do is paste your script, select the voice, and you're done. It will create stunning human-sounding voiceovers that you can easily add to any video creation software.

Some of the features that make Speechelo top the TTS category are:

  • Contains over 60 human voices, including male, female, and children's voices.
  • Allows you to adjust the speed of speech.
  • Users can add pauses and breaths to make their voices natural.
  • Users can select the tone of voice (normal, serious, cheerful).

Además de estas características, Speechelo también puede permitirle traducir su guión a 23 idiomas extranjeros. Algunos son danés, japonés, árabe, alemán, francés, portugués, turco y más.

Speechelo es un software basado en la nube al que puede acceder en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar. Puede obtener Speechelo pagando $ 47 por vez. Puede escuchar una muestra de los sonidos visitando el sitio web oficial de Speechelo.

>>> Haga clic aquí para visitar el sitio web oficial y obtener la licencia del software <<<

An introduction

Artificial intelligence pushes the limits every day, similar to the continuous expansion of the universe. Perhaps one day the machines will rise up against humanity. But that day does not seem soon. Not because of the lack of artificial intelligence that surrounds us, but because of the number of devices and computers that have made life easier for us. Almost three-quarters of the world's services are said to be equipped with artificial intelligence by 2025.

Additionally, hours of research and efforts in the evolution and development of artificial intelligence in the form of smart cars, drones, utility programs, and other smart tools have changed the way we interact with this world. The future is today. And today it looks shiny and brand new.

An important part of AI is the text-to-speech (TTS) engines (such as Kalamillo) available on the market. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss a new competitor in this segment: a program that offers the best natural and human results among all its competitors. Let us introduce you to the TTS engines first, which is at the heart of the speech.

What are TTS engines?

TTS engines are programs that allow a device to read the digital text to you through a speaker. According to Wikipedia, a text-to-speech (TTS) system converts normal language text into speech that a computer can then speak through a speaker.

Fun fact: Public advertising systems for various public transport systems around the world are also a form of TTS engines. Computers receive data about the approaching train and then announce its arrival by organizing that data in a predetermined way.

In its simplest form, I have seen the TTS engine in Microsoft Edge. Allows the browser to read the PDF file aloud to you. If you want more complex examples, you have Siri, Alexa, OK Google, etc. Although they are not technically TTS engines, speech synthesis engines are an essential part of your code.

However, these programs are not under our control. Let's talk about a new TTS engine that allows you to simply type a text and have it read in a completely natural voice with emphasis and inflections when needed. This is Speechelo.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is a new artificial intelligence program with a neuro-linguistic engine that allows you to create voiceovers in just three clicks. Don't let scientific terminology confuse you. Using Speechelo is very easy and you will get the output in mp3 format, allowing you to use it wherever you want.

Speechelo is touted as the only software that supports output inflection, an important part of making the audio sound more human and engaging.

Why do you want to talk?

If you have at least one of these three problems, Speechelo will help you:

  • He does not dare to do his own voiceover.
  • You do not have enough English to do a decent job.
  • It does not have a decent microphone and other video equipment and video creation tools.

There are few solutions in any of these three scenarios: outsourcing work, but keep in mind that it can be costly; use artificial sounds, but keep in mind that the final product is unprofessional and unpleasant to listen to; Or use Speechelo voiceover software to provide human voice voiceover in just three clicks at the best price on the market.

Speechelo can be used for a variety of purposes.

  1. Use your blog posts to create a podcast
  2. Making promotional videos
  3. Include an audio version of a course or e-book with your course or e-book
  4. Create how-to videos or YouTube tips
  5. Give a voice to your training videos

And a lot

Speechlo. Privileges and features

Speechelo offers voice-over capabilities in 23 different languages. You can choose the output to look like a child or an adult, male and female. Perhaps what sets it apart is how natural the resulting sounds are, you can change the pitch, speed, and pitch to match the content. The company behind Speechelo was so confident in its capabilities that the entire introductory video for its show was read using their software. That really is marketing!

Speechelo text-to-speech software claims to have more than 30 voices available, and it can read the text in three different ways: normal, cheerful, or serious. Additionally, the list of supported languages ​​includes English, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, Turkish, German, and various other languages.

Next, in this Speechelo review, we will see how to use a text-to-speech program.

Working on a voice over program

It only takes 3 clicks to get human voices with Speechelo. You can watch the introductory video of the program here. But in summary, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Write or paste the text you want to read into the program.
  • Choose your preferred voice, style, and language.
  • Click the make sound button and watch the magic happen.

Step 1: Copy and paste your text

To get started, copy and paste the text you want into our online text editor. The AI ​​will check the text and punctuation will be added as needed to make speech sound natural. (Check for spelling and grammar errors before pasting.)

Step 2: Choose VOICE and LANGUAGE.

The next step is to determine the language of your speech. To make your speech more useful, you can choose from more than 25 languages ​​and 30 voices. Make sure you hear a sample of each sound before choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Step 3: Create and save

This is the last step of the procedure...Here, you need to click the Create & Download button, and your voiceover will be created in less than 10 seconds. With this, you are ready to use it as a voiceover for your videos.

Advantages and disadvantages

After an initial evaluation, I've concluded that there are no flaws associated with Speechelo's text-to-speech engine. While you can certainly take advantage of more languages ​​and voices, these are just additional features that are weightless compared to the benefits of the software listed below:

  • COST-EFFECTIVE - There are no subscription fees attached and a single purchase gives you lifetime access to the software. Note that the pro upgrade has a quarterly cost, but the base price is one-time, just like the Tube plugin.
  • There are several types of voices available - these include different accents, children's and adult voices, as well as female and male voices.
  • Ability to add inflections: You can choose to add pauses between words, add breathing sound, and even emphasize certain words. This allows you to create audio content that sounds as natural as possible.
  • The generated audio can be used in any audio or video editing software. Without conditions. You can get the .mp3 file to download and it can then be imported into the program that suits you the most or used on youtube.

PROS (what I like about Speechelo):

  • There are thirty human voices to choose from (60 voices in the pro version).
  • Regular tone, friendly tone, and serious tone are three ways to read a text.
  • The voices of men and women are present.
  • Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh matches.
  • In fact, it is the only text-to-speech tool that adds audio associations.
  • Camtasia, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, Audacity, and other video editing software are supported.
  • You can change the pitch by adding the pause yourself, or you can let the AI ​​do it for you.
  • It only takes three clicks to get started.
  • Both PCs and Macs are supported.
  • You'll own it forever for a one-time fee (very cheap).
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.

Disadvantages (things I don't like about Speechelo):

  • Audio previews are only about 30 seconds long (100 characters)
  • Uploading of files (eg, PDF) is not allowed.

I bought the pro version by mistake and got a full refund from Speechelo customer service within 24 hours! I just emailed a picture of the amount paid and told them I bought the license by mistake, and they found a solution right away. This is very kind of Speechelo.


The standard version of Speechelo is great, but what about double the sounds and more features?

Speechelo Pro comes to the rescue here. For this Speechelo review, I bought the update.

First of all, the Speechelo pro includes double the sounds. The Standard plan usually only includes 30 votes, but the Professional plan includes up to 60+!

The ability to make longer voiceovers is another great feature. The voiceover is usually limited to 700 characters, but with Speechelo pro, it can be up to 4 times longer.

Access to 40 great background music tracks is the third feature of the professional plan. These tracks are available in a variety of genres, from movie music to cheerful music and motivational music for your campaigns.

The commercial license feature that comes with the Professional plan is one of my favorites. This means that you can sell your Speechelo voiceover to others (for example, on Fiverr) and keep all the money and profits.

Last but not least, the Speechelo pro bundle comes with an additional ATM for voiceover, which is basically the icing on the cake. This coupon is in the form of an e-book that explains how to publish audio gigs and get a large number of customers in the process.

Overall, a professional upgrade adds a lot of value that you wouldn't get otherwise.

Let's take a look at Speechelo's pro plan pricing and costs.

Speechelo Pro price and costs.

So how much does Speechelo pro cost and how much does it cost?

Do I need to pay a monthly fee to use Speechelo's professional features?

Do not do it! This is great news!

Just pay $47 quarterly in quarterly payments, which you can cancel at any time.

Speechelo Standard users can upgrade to the Pro version. As a result, before upgrading to the pro version, you must first purchase Speechelo Standard.

The best way is to use the Standard plan first and if you want to buy and need more features then upgrade to the pro version.

our judgment

Speechelo is a unique program that offers a human voice and other features that set it apart from its mile-long runners. You can get AI-based voice generation and save hundreds of dollars in registration costs, bonuses paid to freelancers, etc. The speech generated by Speechelo also appears natural and human. Even Siri and Alexa have an automatic tone of their voice that is impossible to ignore.

>>> Haga clic aquí para visitar el sitio web oficial y obtener la licencia del software <<<

Hope you liked this Speechelo review. If you have any questions, comment below.

Speechelo - Best AI-based TTS, Text To Speech


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