Trade Juice is a state-of-the-art trading signal service developed by Nikola Delic. Nikola Delic is an international Forex trader who has trained over 3,000 people to trade commodities, Forex, and indices.

According to the manufacturer, all Trade Juice services are based on trading technologies and algorithms that he has developed over several years. Users can select different categories from the member platform, including cryptocurrency, currency, index, and commodity signals.

In addition, Nikola Delic states that the average payment ratio for this forex trading signal service is expected to be sixty-seven percent. Trade Juice provides resellers with accurate entry and exit points, instructions, and timing for forex trading. In addition, Trade Juice is ideal for experts and beginners looking for an honest forex signal provider.

According to the official Trade Juice website, the system has created more than 20,000 trades with an average success rate of 67% and an average risk-return of 1.3.

What does the Trade Juice Member Area contain?

When you log in to a Trade Juice membership area, you will receive accurate entry and target price points.

In addition, you will see the stops required for trading and once you have made your decision, you can make the trade to the broker of your choice. In addition, the dashboard has the best list of trades you can make (all from the largest high probability systems) in Forex, Commodities, Indices, and Cryptocurrencies. In addition, each trading signal includes:

  • Time Frame
  • Instrument (Pair)
  • Direction (bullish or bearish)
  • Entry Price
  • Target Price
  • Stop Loss
  • Risk Reward

What is Trade Juice NOT?

Trade Juice is NOT a:

  • Trading Robots: Provides experience-based trading decisions and real-time algorithms.
  • Trading software because all information is based on past experience and is not generated electronically.
  • Trading System: Trade Juice does not require any parameters (rules) for trading.

According to Nikola Delic, Trade Juice is a (cloud-based) Signal Provider whose operations depend on patented algorithms and experience. The Trade Juice algorithm is a combination of 120 independent but linked procedures. Every hour, algo explores the market and offers cloud-based methods to traders using "hotlists".

"Hotlist" signals include:

  • More than 26 series of currencies
  • Cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTH, and others)
  • Commodities (gold, silver, oil, etc.)
  • Indices (500, S&P, DAX, and others)

In addition to providing signals to traders, Trade Juice provides you with all the information you need to make a timely decision to sell or buy. In addition, it gives you the whole market trend and allows you to trade aggressively or conservatively.

How to use Trade Juice?

Using Trade Juice is said to be easy for all traders with any level of experience and background. Once you have defined the membership area, go to the trading platform and enter your trade. The trading steps are simple and include:

  • Find the signal
  • Find the entry point
  • Open the order
  • Pause to perform the operation

How compatible is the Trade Juice system?

Nikola Delic assures traders and brokers that this Signal Provider is compatible with existing trading platforms. That's why Trade Juice easily integrates with your broker.

Advantages of using the Trade Juice system

Easy trading

Trading Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Indices, and Commodities is a tall order if you don't have a reliable trading signal provider. Traders need to spend long hours researching and analyzing data, charts, diagrams, and charts to make good investment decisions. Trade Juice claims to perform these analytics for traders, enabling them to make honest decisions at the right time.

Fixed time

Trade Juice is a great cloud-based Signal Provider. Every hour, Trade Juice provides traders with a hotlist of “profitable” forex currencies, cryptocurrencies, indices, and commodities so they can make smart decisions. In addition, Nikola argues that this system can calculate risk/benefit in any trade. Therefore, you can know exactly how much you are willing to lose before trading.

Minimize risk

Trading is considered a risk. However, traders can minimize this risk by using reliable and inexpensive trading signals such as the Trade Juice System. People who are not experienced in trading can use the Trade Juice system to minimize losing their investment.

Better results

Nikola Delic assures customers that Trade Juice uses proven experience and algorithms to enable traders to become profitable. In addition, Trade Juice can protect novice traders from incurring losses due to a lack of experience.

More operations

Make sure you trade wisely. According to developer Trade Juice, users can use multiple traders, which generates a cumulative profit. However, merchants do not have to choose quantity over quality. In addition, traders are warned not to choose signal providers that offer exaggerated profit margins. According to Trade Juice Maker, the average profit margin is 65-75%.

Easy to use

According to Trade Juice's official sales page, brokers do not require software, computers, or indicators to use this signal provider. Instead, Nikola Delic says he spent a lot of time making sure you can run your business comfortably anywhere and only on your phone.

Save time

Thousands of forex traders spend most of their time in front of the computer screen analyzing the signals. However, Trade Juice claims to offer real-time algorithms that allow you to trade wisely and still have time for yourself. Nikola also assures consumers that this trading signal is fully integrated with up-to-date trading platforms.

Disadvantages of the Trade Juice system

Trade Juice does not guarantee users that they will receive 100% positive results from using this system. Additionally, Nikola Delic warns that there are significant differences between hypothetical and actual results. Therefore, users should make sure that they only trade with the capital they can afford to lose.

Who can use Trade Juice systems?

  • Individuals are tired of purchasing systems and training that do not produce a positive return.
  • Traders are tired of asking why their investments aren't paying off
  • People who want to secure the future of their family or make an affordable retirement plan
  • Individuals who use different systems to understand current market trends, which are a waste of time and effort
  • People with little or no trading experience can use the Trade Juice system to learn and make relevant financial decisions

How to buy the Trade Juice system

Trade Juice System is an annual subscription service. Marketers claim that Trade Juice is affordable because you get full access to all Trade Juice channels (indexes, cryptocurrencies, currencies, and commodities). In addition, users have unlimited access to all four channels:

  • settings
  • Signals
  • Depreciation risk

However, Trade Juice states that these offers are only valid for a limited time. They will continue to have higher annual subscription prices when they have enough users to run the platform on their own.

Reasons why Trade Juice limits the number of users:

Trade Juice depends on limited cloud space and server power; For this reason, although the Trade Juice system has international servers in six countries on the continent, they can get hectic, leading to system crashes, which affect signal efficiency.

Trade Juice has an interactive training platform that any member can use. However, live teaching sessions with Nikola or members of his elite team are limited to 985 members. Therefore, acquiring Trade Juice at a higher price reduces the number of participants.

Final thoughts

Nikola Delic claims that this system can give you a double profit every year if you follow the instructions in the letter. According to the Trade Juice sales page, over the past two years, Trade Juice customers who have strictly followed the instructions given have earned an average profit of 4-5% per week. Similarly, Trade Juice users can receive an average of 20-25% monthly return, which means about 90% annual return. Therefore, trading with the Trade Juice System can give you a higher return than traditional investments and blue-chip stocks. However, you can trade aggressively or conservatively, because in both cases Trade Juice ensures a decent profit margin for users.

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