The rebel group in Ethiopia's Tigrai region says 150 people may have died of starvation as the humanitarian crisis in the region worsens.

The Ethiopian government did not respond to the claim. In the past, however, it rejected UN accusations that it was obstructing aid.

People and livestock are dying from lack of food and medicine, "and the crisis may be greater than we know," said Attenkot Mizgibo, head of agriculture at the foundation.

He told BBC Tegrinia that people were dying before our eyes because of famine and that women and children were most affected by food shortages.

It is almost impossible to independently verify the allegations as telephone and Internet lines are still cut off in Tigray.

But aid agencies have long warned of a worsening humanitarian crisis with serious consequences.

Some of the deaths occurred in camps hosting displaced persons due to the current conflict, according to the statement issued by the Tigray forces on Monday.

The humanitarian situation in Tigray remains dire.

According to the United Nations, at least 100 trucks of food and non-food must enter the region every day to meet humanitarian needs. But fewer than 500 trucks have arrived since mid-July.

More than 5 million people are in need of emergency assistance and 400,000 face famine such as conditions.

With active fighting in afar and Amhara areas between Tigrayan forces and the army with its allied forces, it is feared that this number will rise.

U.N says 400,000 people facing starvation in Tigray


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